Temporary Works Supervisor and Coordinator courses available

Temporary Works

Walker Training offers Temporary Works Supervisor and Coordinator courses, as well as a Temporary Works Awareness course. Temporary works is an expression used to describe an ‘engineered solution’ to support or protect an existing structure or the permanent works during construction. The construction of most types of permanent works will require the use of some form of temporary works.

Supervisors course content:

  • Understanding the requirements of BS5975
  • Applying BS5975 to your working environment
  • Statutory aspects of BS5975
  • Avoiding temporary works failures
  • Case studies
  • The role of the TWS
  • Examination

Coordinators course content:

  • TWS content, plus:
  • The role of the TWC
  • Management of temporary works
  • Key aspects of different forms of temporary works
  • Examination


Temporary Works Awareness

The temporary works awareness course is designed for people who are not likely to undertake the role of TWS or TWC in the future, but who may be involved in the temporary works process.

This might include directors, contract managers, site foremen, estimators, planners, and health and safety professionals who want to gain a better understanding of temporary works.

Course content:

  • Understanding the basics of temporary works and how they are used in construction
  • Understanding the management process for temporary works
  • Common temporary works issues
  • Roles and responsibilities involved in the temporary works process
  • Industry best practise and risk management