Fire safety measures and evacuation procedures

Fire Marshal

Having a designated fire marshal at work is an important part of fire safety. The fire marshal works together with the employer to ensure that fire safety measures and evacuation procedures are in place and effective. This course is designed to provide candidates with the necessary training required to be a qualified fire marshal. It will teach you about your legal duties, provide you with an understanding of fire safety, familiarise you with fire hazards and fire safety arrangements, and detail what your emergency evacuation procedures should entail.

Course content:

  • Introduction to Fire Marshal training - why fire safety is important, fire safety law, how is the law enforced, employer duties, fire marshal duties, how many fire marshals do businesses need, and how to prepare for your role
  • Understanding Fire - the fire triangle, fire classes, and fire extinguishers
  • Conducting a risk assessment and identifying hazards
  • Recording findings and implementing controls
  • Reviewing and updating your assessment, and daily and weekly assessments
  • Fire safety arrangements - fire plan, housekeeping, fire detection and warning systems, emergency routes and exits, fire safety signs, and emergency lighting
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans - who may need a PEEP, how to prepare a PEEP, and what a PEEP should include
  • Fire Evacuation Procedures - evacuation strategies, your role during evacuations, and fire drills